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Humott Dream

Part 1.Better Sleep, Better life

Time is short in a busy routine, and time to take a sleep is less

We must spend our precious sleep time.
Take care you tired body with HUMOTT DREAM.


Many people are suffering from sleep disturbances due to excessive exposure to artificial light, and they hold their cell phones until they go to sleep.


In recent years, research has shown that light below 5Lux and 470nm blue light calms the body and puts it to sleep.

Blue is a symbol of peace, protection and communication, If you are attracted to the blue, you value the serene inner peace and good and pure conscience.
When you have insomnia, decorating the bedroom in blue helps you get a good night's sleep, and the blue interior helps your diet by reducing your appetite.

It is already used in japanese hospitals. HUMOTT DREAM calms your body with brightness below 3lux and intense blue light at 470nm.
The blue wavelength of high sensitivity to Melanopsin relaxes your body and induces a good night's sleep.

Part 3. This is the light for you.

In the retina of the human eye, there are two types of cells: a cone cell that detects the color of light and a rod cell that detects light and darkness even in the dark.
In addition to these two recent development, it has been known that the 'third cell' id responsible for regulating the rhythm of Sacadion.
The third photoreceptor is most sensitive at a strong energy of 460 NM.
Blue light is a light that plays an important role in shaping the body rhythm and maintaining health.

It is one piece of furniture with luxurious design.

Good sleep with HUMOOTT DERAM.

Blue color Therapy effect by Humott Dream.

It will be a rejuvenating companion for your tired daily life.